Basic theory
ATN Webinar: Evaluating the Brain Disease Model of Addiction (BDMA)

Featuring:  Nick Heather, Matt Field, Antony C. Moss, & Sally Satel Update: Full webinar video now available at ATN Webinar Evaluating the Brain Disease Model of Addiction 3/15/2022 Meeting Recording When? 15/03/2022; 1300-1430 UK time For local time see: The event will be held via MS Teams.  Those interested in attending must contact Derek Heim at […]

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From Criminals to Celebrities: Perceptions of “the Addict” in the Print Press from Four European Countries from Nineties to Today

A paper by Franca Beccaria et al., 2014 "... different conceptualizations ('the sinner,' 'the sick,' 'the social problem,' 'the criminal,' and 'the famous') assume diverse importance." F. Beccaria et al. Abstract "The article reviews portrayals of 'the addict' in press items from Italy, Finland, Poland, and The Netherlands. The dataset consists of 1,327 items from […]

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