ATN Webinar: Addiction and the Brain - Knowledge, Beliefs and Ethical Considerations

Featuring:  Matilda Hellman, Michael Egerer, Syaron Basnet, & Doris Ochterbeck

When: 13 June 2022

Full webinar now available at: Addiction and the Brain - Knowledge, Beliefs and Ethical Considerations

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Event description: 

This ATN webinar interrogates the consequences of brain-centric explanations of addiction and how these shape our understanding of addiction across different contexts and settings. It highlights ways in which brain-based conceptualisations of addiction are communicated and what implications this has. 

The seminar provides insights into new research, published in the 2022 book Addiction in the brain: Expectations and ethical considerations from a social perspective, that seeks to reframe the debate about the nature of addiction. Participants of the seminar will find out what the Epistemic Project of Addiction in the Brain ‘EPAB’ is and how this can advance our understanding of addiction itself. The webinar outlines key study findings obtained in (i) an out-patient treatment setting, (ii) the addiction services field, and (iii) via sampling global addiction scientists.

The event is for anyone interested in contemporary approaches to addiction theory and intervention. There will be a series of brief presentations, followed by questions and discussion. Please note that a recording of the Webinar will be made available online.  


Matilda Hellman works as the Research Director at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki and is the head of the Centre for Research on Addiction, Control and Governance (CEACG). Editor-in-Chief for Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, she is president of the International Society for Addiction Journal Editors and serves as a consultant for the World Health Organization.

Michael Egerer is a University Researcher at the CEACG, University of Helsinki. His research interests are gambling and its regulation and the conceptualisation of addiction. He is chair of the Finnish Association for Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Research.

Syaron Basnet is a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto, Canada. Her research focuses on identifying population determinants of mental health, sleep problems, gambling, and cannabis use as well as evaluating the effectiveness of digital interventions.

Doris Ochterbeck is a research associate at the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology—BIPS, Bremen, Germany. Her research uses mixed methods to answer questions concerning social epidemiology and addiction.

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