This page contains links to the chapter abstracts in the Support section of the book: Evaluating the Brain Disease Model of Addiction.

  • Chapter 01 Introduction to Section 1
    Abstract Section I of the book comprises six chapters, four of which are reprinted from peer-reviewed journals because these are important works that characterize the BDMA and the neuroscientific basis of addiction. Chapters 2 and 3 are written by, respectively, the former and current directors of NIDA and each outlines a clear articulation of the […]
  • Chapter 06 Is addiction a brain disease?  The incentive-sensitization view
    Abstract Where does normal brain function end and pathology begin? The line can be hard to discern.  That difficulty makes disease a tricky word for talking about any psychological condition.  Yet disease still may be an appropriate label for psychological conditions that have extreme features with deleterious consequences.  A number of voices have recently argued […]
  • Chapter 07 Addiction is a brain disease (but does it matter?)
    Abstract This chapter offers a perspective on the significance and the truth of the proposition that substance addiction is a brain disease, based on the conception of substance addiction offered in the foundational text of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is proposed that substance addiction is primarily characterized by a sensitization to drugs whereby their ingestion causes […]