The ATN book (Evaluating the Brain Disease Model of Addiction) was the centerpiece for a symposium held at the Annual Conference of the New directions in the Study of Alcohol Group at London South Bank University on 9th June 2022. Chaired by one of the book’s editors, Matt Field, and introduced by another, Nick Heather, the symposium consisted of summaries of their chapters in the book by their authors:

Derek Heim and Rebecca Monk on “Recovery is possible: Overcoming ‘addiction’ and its rescue hypotheses”;

Frank Ryan on “Psychotherapeutic strategies to enhance motivation and cognitive control”;

James Morris on “Before rock bottom? Problem framing effects on stigma and change amongst harmful drinkers”;

and Tim Leighton on “Brains or persons? Is it coherent to ascribe psychological powers to brains?”.

The symposium Discussant was Ed Day, current President of the Society for the Study of Addiction. The symposium was very well received and was followed by a lively discussion. At the behest of the publisher, the symposium ended with a prize draw with three free copies of the book and a £50 voucher for any Routledge book as prizes. This too was well received.